Saturday, December 14, 2013

I can zip it - can you?

Last year my husband talked me into taking the family down hill skiing.  I haven't ski'd in years so I didn't have ski pants or a jacket.  Being over weight, shopping is not always enjoyable since it's hard to find stuff to fit.  I didn't start looking for ski pants or a jacket until mid-season last year so the selection was minimal and I of course never did find a ski jacket.

While visiting my sister last Christmas, she gave me a ski jacket that she used to wear.  Of course it didn't fit me but it gave me a goal.  My goal was to get into the jacket for the winter of 2013.

Last night, we hit the slopes for the first time this season and guess what - the ski jacket ZIPS!!!

Not only does the ski jacket zip, the ski pants I bought last year are big on me.  Now if only I could improve my down hill skiing skills.

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December 2013 - first time hitting the slopes this year and my jacket zips for the first time

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