Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 7 - Going Great

October 30, 2013

It was another great day today.  I'm very proud of myself because I haven't even gotten into the Halloween candy.  My hunger was well controlled and I had plenty of energy.  The only thing I need to improve on is my exercise - I need to start exercising!!!!

I have been busy preparing for our Halloween Hayride so exercise has taken the back seat, however as soon as Halloween is done, I'm going to start exercising, no excuses!!!!

I have noticed that since eating healthy again, I'm eating foods that I love and for some reason I haven't eaten them in a long time.  Here is my food intake for today:

30 minutes before breakfast
 - probiotic restore ultra
 - catalyst (3)

 - meal replacement shake

morning snack
 - banana
 - spark

 - egg salad sandwich
 - tomato (3 slices)
 - grapes

afternoon snack
 - protein bar

 - rotisserie chicken
 - 1 slice whole grain bread
 - carrots

evening snack
 - grapes

My water intake was a little lower today at 50 oz. 

Recap for today: felt amazing

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!

Lunch today - egg salad I've missed you!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 6 - Best day so far

October 29, 2013

Day 6 and I have to say I have felt the best today that I have felt so far.  I had a lot of energy and got a lot of things accomplished.  My hunger level was a little higher today but that's okay, I just ate a little more food but it was healthy food.  I only had one spark drink for the whole day, just didn't really need another one so I didn't have it.  It's about 8:30 at night now and I'm starting to get tired but that's normal for me.

So, my day was as follows:

30 minutes before breakfast:
 - probiotic restore ultra
 - catalyst (3)

 - meal replacement shake

10:00 - spark drink

11:00 morning snack
 - 1/4 cup raw almonds (not nearly as good as honey roasted, but still good)

 - catalyst (3)
 - made a delicious salad with onion, tomato, egg, chicken and mushrooms.  Was hungry so I made a big one.  (just see the picture)

3:30 afternoon snack
 - banana (I had to drive the girls to gymnastics so I planned ahead and grabbed something for in the car)

 - omegaplex caplets
 - pork (leftover from the other night)
 - green beans
 - grapes

evening snack
 - grapes and then more grapes and maybe a couple more (they were good tonight)

My water intake take was about 70 oz.

Now I'm done eating for the night.  Before I go to bed, I will be taking my herbal cleanse caplets and my 3 catalyst.

When I hopped on the scale this morning, I was still only down the 2.5 pounds but that's alright, I'll take it.  It's 2.5 pounds that I don't need and don't want!

Recap for today - felt the best I have in a long time.

Here's my salad I had for lunch - told you it was big. 

Here is my dog Cosmo, she's called it a night already.  Looks like she could use a spark drink!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 5 - Busy Day

October 28, 2013

Today didn't go as planned.  I was gone most of the day and I didn't plan my food accordingly so I didn't eat right.  What I did eat was healthy, however I didn't eat enough.  I wasn't necessarily hungry throughout the day but I was busy all day and didn't really have a chance to think about food or water or much else really.

My morning started great, I woke up feeling wonderful.  I could have slept for another hour but couldn't everyone when the alarm goes off at 6:10am?  After I got out of the shower, I took my 3 catalyst and my probiotic restore capsules. 

30 minutes later I had a chocolate meal replacement shake for breakfast.  I also had half a spark.

I volunteered at the school today and I forgot to pack a snack.  So, I didn't have a morning snack.  I did bring my water with me though, however I didn't drink as much as I normally would because my bathroom trips are still quite frequent as my body is getting used to all the water.  Seems like I pee about every 10 minutes, so I held off on the water slightly. 

As soon as I got done volunteering at school, I came home and had lunch.

 - tuna sandwich (2 slices whole grain bread & tuna)
 - brussel sprouts
 - grapes

After lunch I had errands to run so I did all of that and when I got home, it was time to go back to school to volunteer again.  I quickly grabbed my afternoon snack.  It was about 2:30 at this time, I wasn't hungry but I knew I had to eat because I wasn't going to eat until supper time.  So I had some carrots and almond butter again, it's seriously good.

At 2:45 I had a spark to give me a boost.

I worked at the school from 3:00 till 6:30.  I quickly ran home and had to bring my daughter to dance for 7:00.  I didn't have time to make supper so I made a meal replacement shake.  This time I added a little almond butter to it - yummy!!!!  Tasted like a chocolate peanut butter shake but a healthy one.  It was very good. 

With all my businesses today, I was even able to get some exercise in.  I walked the halls in the school getting kids for their hearing and vision screening.  I did a lot of walking so I'm counting it as exercise!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get as much water in as I usually do.  I still felt great today but tomorrow I will be back to drinking more water. 

Recap for today - disappointed in the way I ate but still feel amazing.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 4 - Can't wait for my chocolate shake

October 27, 2013

First thing I thought of this morning when I opened my eyes was the chocolate meal replacement shake I am going to have for breakfast.  Pathetic, I know but they are seriously that good.  I use my little blender, put 9 oz of water in it, add a couple cubes of ice then the chocolate shake powder and blend it up.  It makes a nice thick chocolate shake.  It tastes wonderful and fills me up.  Plus, I get my chocolate fix right away in the morning.  I think I'm in love!

Unfortunately, I did wake up with a headache still this morning.  I popped a couple more Advil hoping I can get rid of this pest today.  Day 2 of a headache is no fun.   Talked to my Advisor this morning and she brought up the point that it's possible I have a headache because of too much caffeine.  I think she might be right. The Spark energy drink has caffeine in it and I'm thinking it's more than I'm used to and it's causing my headache.  So, for now on, I'm going to mix only half of the spark powder into the water and see how it makes me feel.

On day 4, you don't need a fiber drink - yeah!  Here's how my day played out:

 - Spark
 - Probiotic Restore Ultra
 - Catalyst (1 pill)

30 minutes later
 - chocolate meal replacement shake

I had a banana for my snack at 11:00.  Again, I wasn't hungry but I wanted to make sure I ate so that my metabolism didn't slow down.

 - catalyst (3 pills)
 - open faced tuna sandwich (which I made with celery & may with olive oil)
 - strawberries

Afternoon snack:
 - carrots with almond butter (recommended by a great friend)  This was actually delicious

 - pork
 - green beans
 - brussel sprouts
 - strawberries
 - whole grain bread

Evening Snack:
 - protein bar

 - herbal cleanse caplets
 - catalyst (2)

Don't forget, I'm drinking about 90 oz of water a day too.  I am loving how hydrated I'm feeling.  Before I started this, my liquid intake consisted of 2 diet cokes a day, that's all!  My poor body.

So, your probably wondering if I've lost any weight yet.  The answer is yes, I've lost 2.5 pounds as of this morning (morning of day 4).  I know your not suppose to weigh yourself everyday but I do, always have and always will.  Plus, I know there is more to being healthy and becoming fit than just loosing weight, loosing inches is a huge thing too.  I won't be checking my inches until after the first 10 days but once I do, I'll let you know if I've shrunk at all. 

Tomorrow will be day 5 and I have to say the past 4 days have been great.  I haven't been craving anything bad for me, I haven't been going hungry and I haven't been crabby because I haven't been able to eat unhealthy foods.  I've been happy and happy with the progress I'm making! 

Oh yeah - my headache has gone away since I've only taken half the spark drink!

Recap of day 4 - things are continuing to go great and only getting better!

Today's lunch - had an extra piece of celery so I threw it in there.

Supper - cooked a pork roast in the crock pot, super easy. 

Day 3 - Feeling great

October 26, 2013

It's day 3 and I'm feeling amazing!  I noticed this morning that I am not even missing my diet coke.  I haven't had one in 2 days and I don't even crave one.  I am having no problems at all drinking water throughout the day.  I thought drinking water was going to be one of the hardest parts for me, but so far, it's no problem at all. 

I have decided today to write on the blog as the day goes on, so the format will be slightly different today.  I'm going to document things as they happen.

I woke up this morning with more energy than usual.  I didn't feel nearly as tired when I opened my eyes. 

 - drank spark
 - catalyst (2 pills)
 - drank fiber drink
 - drank meal replacement shake.
I was going to have something besides the meal replacement shake for breakfast but then decided to have it because it's so good. 

Still feeling full at 11:00 but decided to have a banana since I'm suppose to eat something every 2 - 3 1/2 hours on this plan.  It's important to eat often!

 - baked chicken breast
 - broccoli
 - tomato

Around 2:00, I was feeling lazy so I drank a spark.

I went grocery shopping this afternoon and bought almond butter, I was super excited to try it so when I got home from the store, I had my snack.  I had a piece of whole grain toast and almond butter on it.  The almond butter wasn't bad but it smelt better than it tasted. 

- OmegaPlex (3 pills)
- salmon
- green beans
- 1 piece whole grain bread

I have had a headache most of the day today.  I took Advil but haven't been able to get rid of it.  Headaches aren't that unusual for me so I don't know if it has anything to do with my diet or not.  I'm always a bit more grumpy when I have a headache and food makes me feel better.  When I was grocery shopping, I bought some high fiber high protein chocolate peanut butter bars.  I bought them just in case I needed something chocolate.  Well, I broke down tonight and needed it.  So, my evening snack was the high fiber & high protein chocolate bar.  Not the worst snack in the world but I would have rather had a vegetable especially during the cleanse phase. 

 - herbal cleanse caplets (3)
 - catalyst (3)

Recap for my day, I'm feeling wonderful!!!!

This was my lunch - I should have taken a picture of supper, it was much more appealing.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 2

October 25, 2013

It's day 2 and I'm going strong.  It was a little bit harder today because I had a small stomach ache.  Not sure if it was part of the cleanse phase or just a normal stomach phase.  As the day went on, my stomach felt better and it had stopped gurgling.  I made several trips to the bathroom between lunch and supper but nothing unmanageable.  Sorry if it's too much information but I just want to be honest with how my experience is!  After I ate supper, my stomach felt fine.

I figured by day 2, my body would be in such shock that I would have a splitting headache.  I haven't ate this healthy or drank this much water since I don't know when.  Actually I don't know if I ever have.  But the reality is, I'm feeling great.  I don't have a headache and I'm not hungry.  Could I go eat a box of cookies - you bet but I'm not going to.

I followed the plan pretty much perfectly.  My day went as follows:

- Spark
- Catalyst (2 pills)
- fiber drink
- meal replacement shake (chocolate, yum)

- banana

 - Catalyst (2 pills)
 - Salad (lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, chicken, sugar free dressing)

 - 1/4 cup nuts (almonds)

 - OmegaPlex (3 pills)
 - 2 eggs, 1 piece whole grain bread & corn (I know weird meal)

6:00 Pick me up
 - Spark drink

 - Pear

 - Herbal Cleanse Caplets
 - Catalyst (3 pills)

I drank a total of 112 oz of water today.  Yes, that's right, 112 oz.  Seems impossible but I also did 90 minutes of Zumba tonight.  I attended a Halloween Zumba fundraiser for a local preschool and it was awesome.  I drank a spark before I left and I had plenty of energy to dance for the whole 90 minutes.

Overall day 2 was great and I'm excited for day 3!  Below is a picture of my salad I ate for lunch, it was yummy.

Day 1

October 24, 2013

I have to say, day 1 went smoother than I anticipated.  I wasn't nearly as hungry as I thought I would be.  I had extra energy just like everyone told me I would.  Here is a breakdown of how my day went.
8:00 am - drank spark and took 1 catalyst pill.  Got a ton of energy from the spark - feeling great.
8:30 am - drank fiber drink.  Have to say the fiber drink is not the best.  It's not bad tasting, just a different consistency.  The best part is, you only have to drink it for 6 days!!
8:40 am - drank a meal replacement shake, chocolate flavor.  It was delicious.  I was so full I had a hard time finishing it.
10:30 am - was feeling slightly hungry so I ate a banana for a snack
11:30 am - didn't need another spark because my energy was still going strong.  I took 1 more catalyst pill.
12:00 pm - had a salad for lunch.  Salad included lettuce, spinach, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, grilled chicken and a small amount of fat free thousand island dressing.
3:30 pm - started to feel hungry and lazy.  Had 1/4 cup nuts for a sack.
4:00 pm - need a pick me up so I had a spark - felt my energy pick up again.
5:30 pm - supper time  had baked chicken, steamed broccoli and 1 piece of whole grain bread.  Also took 1 omegaPlex.  I was feeling very full and satisfied.
Didn't need an evening snack because I wasn't hungry.  It's important to note that I drank water throughout the day.  I drank A LOT of water!  About 90 oz to be exact.  I was seriously peeing about every 5 minutes.  It's important to drink a lot of water so your body can flush out all the bad toxins in your body.  That is part of the cleanse phase. 
For exercise, I did 30 minutes of zumba on the WII.  I even danced longer than Chloe!
Before going to bed, I took my herbal cleanse caplets and 1 more catalyst pill.  I was feeling great - no complaints!!!!!  Looking forward to day 2.

My Journey to becoming healthy

Welcome to my journey of becoming healthy!!!  As some of you have heard , I have recently become involved in a company called Advocare, they are a health and wellness company that sells well over 70 wellness products. 

Since I have been young, I have struggled with my weight and in June 2013, I reached an all time high. I have always loved food and in the past 5 years, I talked myself into thinking that it was okay if I was overweight because I was getting older and that's just what older people do.  But, at 36 years old, I do not want to be lazy and tired all the time.  I want to be active and outside enjoying things with my kids and husband.  I want to live a healthy lifestyle and I want to feel on top of my game. 

Of course, many of you are wondering, "Do Advocare products work?"  I have a friend that lost 21 pounds since July by using their products.  There is a lot of testimonials out there from people claiming the products are amazing.  But, if your like me, you need to know for yourself if they work.  So, I have decided to put my life out there so you can follow along on my journey, day for day and see how the products work and how they make me feel.  I will blog each day of the 24 day challenge documenting what I'm eating, drinking and which supplements I'm taking.  I plan to follow the challenge as closely as possible.

One thing to note - this is not only going to last 24 days, this is a life changing plan.  Starting yesterday, my family and I will be eating healthier.  We will have less processed foods and more whole foods. 

So, I hope that you will follow along with me as I take the steps to becoming healthier.  Trust me, some days are going to be hard and I'm going to complain.  I have a major sweet tooth so cutting out sweets is going to be a challenge for me but I'm determined!

If at anytime along the way, you are interested in learning more about the Advocare 24 day challenge or any of the Advocare products, please let me know and I would be happy to help you.  I can explain products and help you order products.   I understand that Advocare products are not for everyone but please respect my decision in trying the products.  For the people who have done the 24 day challenge before, I welcome any suggestions you may have.  Let the healthiness begin!!!!!